The Undiscovered Self


I’ve just finished reading this book, the first piece of Jung’s that I’ve read.

I was struck the modern-day applicability of his treatise more than 50 years after it was first published.

Although the tenner of his monologue is rather pessimistic, to say the least, it could be used positively as a wakeup call to mindlessness, presumptuousness, and complacency.

I do not quite agree with his negativity towards empirical science per se, but I do agree that a science which oppresses the expression of individuality is more than undesirable. I do however feel that empirical science and philosophy can be complimentary if they are counter-balanced.

Jung was clearly a forwardthinking man of humility and high-intellect. I thoroughly enjoyed sharing in his broad and deep insights into the human condition and nature.

If you enjoy meditating on some of the big questiions from time to time, give this a read.



One thought on “The Undiscovered Self

  1. Jung is still taught in mainstream psychology classes although many of his ideas are not applied in practical manner, a few are. He was definitely ahead of his time.

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