Serialism – Schoenburg – Variations for Orchestra, Op. 31 (1928)


Did a bit of background reading about Serialist music and listened to Shoenburg’s Variations for Orchestra. If I ever learn to appreciate Shoenburg’s music, I think it will be a long time coming, probably in a distant lifetime or in another dimension. I guess technical analysis of the music might yield some appreciation of what Shoenburg was trying to achieve, if not pleasure from the experience of casually listening to it.


Nigel Kennedy Live at La Citadel, Carcassonne, France

Was absolutely blown away yesterday, watching Nigel Kennedy performing live at La Citadel (on DVD). What a great artist, technician, and performer he is. I’ve never very much of any of his performances and way very impressed. It is great to see someone breath fresh air into a performance of baroque music. Classical concerts are too often excessively serious and fusty, with an atmosphere that detracts from enjoyment.

FAQ Friday #6: Why don’t you sell bunnies for Easter?

The Animal Store Blog

We love bunnies here at The Animal Store and we sell a lot of cute ones to people who really want a pet rabbit. But this time of year, some people get excited about the idea of having a real, live “Easter Bunny” without giving a lot of thought about what happens after the holiday is over.

This year, in conjunction with Red Door Animal Shelter, we have taken the Easter Amnesty Pledge, which reads:

Rabbits are the third-most frequently relinquished species at shelters across the country. This problem is exacerbated shortly after the Easter holiday has passed when rabbits are purchased on impulse and the novelty of the new pet has worn off, and the rabbit starts to grow, mature, and need more care.

At The Animal Store, we are committed to promoting high-quality rabbit care and responsible pet guardianship. Therefore, we agree not to sell rabbits between April…

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This is a truly fascinating piece written by Leonard Gibson bringing Whitehead into conversation with Stan Grof. Gibson uses Whitehead’s account of experience to undertake a rhetorical explication of the LSD experience. A few samples:

Every event prehends the entire universe, with gradations of relevance. In our ordinary perception of events we take into account only those aspects with high grades of relevance, but as our attention deepens the lower grades come into notice. In attending to these lower grades we discover the endless patterns of relationships that bind that event to the rest of the universe. Not only do we make this discovery in regard to the occasions of the world, but also the same deepening takes place in ourselves. That is to say, the enhancement of physical feeling not only brings into attention our relationship with the external world; it also reveals the internal world of the…

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